60444_488654401197809_202553842_nRob Bell is back on the podcast but this time he is hijacking it!

With a packed brewery full of local LA Homebrewed Deacons Rob decided to hijack the podcast and turn things around.  This time Tripp had to answer the questions.  What ensued was quite the conversation.  I am sure no one expected what happened.  So get yourself ready for some podcast excitement and don’t forget to come back next week for some more ingredients to brew your own #zesty faith.
If you like these convos then check out the best snippets in the video curriculum developed that night titled ‘The Revelation of Darkness.’

Special thanks to our 3 sponsors for the evening: The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Fuller Seminary and Claremont School of Theology

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We are sooooo grateful to our sponsors, Monkish Brewing Company, & Spencer Burke at Missionsoulutions for their help in putting this together. You can get the videos HERE.

This place will turn Bo into Dr. BoDaddy
The Resources of Fuller Theological Seminary for Pastors & the Local Church
The Resources of Fuller Theological Seminary for Pastors & the Local Church








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