NewMatBookHave we got a blog tour for you… it’s so digital it’s material! Religion, Politics, & the Earth: the New Materialism is one sweetly nerdy book that opens up an alternative future to our global situation with theology. In honor of its release (and my brain crush on on Crockett & Robbins) we are coordinating a blog tour. Get ready & check the links!! (More shall be added throughout the week)

You have heard the good Dr. Robbins explain Radical Theology on the podcast.  Then his co-author philosopher Clayton Crockett chats with scientist Kevin Mequet about their energy thesis on the podcast.  Now you get a collection of the most awesome Homebrewed Christianity Deacons with blogs to chat this book up!

Bloggers on the Tour…

Bo Eberle has 1 & 2 posts on the energy proposal & a review of the book. He also posted videos of Robbins & Crockett in NYC chatting with Cornel West and Mark L. Taylor.

Joel Harrison & Matt Bernico at Flux of Thought have already blogged on digital culture & religion.

Tad DeLay is blogging on the politics of energy.  Here it is… BAM!

Joe Carson has some questions for the assumptions of radical theology & will blog on energy later in the week.

Matt Ritchie, lawyer and theologian, has been blogging on the book.  Is God Dead?, What is the New Materialism?, & the Logic of the New Materialism & the Courts.

Jonathon Snyder will be blogging on digital culture.

Maria Drews shall be sharing her wisdom about the book.

Rick Quinn gave an Elton John inspired taster & drops some more goodness this week.

Scott Cowan will bring the blogger excitement to the political theology blog.

Adam Moore shall be blogging on the Art chapter this thursday.

My favorite Southern Baptist, Todd Littleton, shall bring the #awesomesauce on friday.

David Adams discusses the book in less than 1k words!

Austin Roberts drops some Cobb & gives a great Process inspired reply.

Pastor Darren examines the understanding of religion in the book from one who rocks the pulpit.