OKCpostThis is a live Theology Nerd Throwdown from my visit to Oklahoma City.  It was hosted by the local Mutiny Reading group under the leadership of Damien Parks and Todd Littleton.  During the evening I talked for an hour about Philosophers loving on Paul, played some tunes, & then got GET interviewed by Greg Horton!

Greg Horton was one of the inspirations behind starting the podcast. He had a podcast called ‘the Parish’ on the wired parish podcast network.  Back then he was an emergent Christian and has since left the 60773_475838189146097_842495826_nbuilding.  Throughout his journey I have loved following his blog, hearing about his undergrad religion and ethics students, and thinking through some of the serious criticisms he has leveled against the church. Plus he also does some wine reviews.  Greg is an intelligent hard a$$ and it was a real honor to get taken to task by him.  He wasn’t as rough as he was with Paul Young so I only hope next time I get the harsh treatment!

When I got back from OKC I had over 5 hours of audio from the live podcast and the follow interview with Greg.  What you hear is the 90 minutes of the fun.  Then evening was lubricated by the Mad Farmer Brewing extraordinaire Charlie who brewed up my Midnight Saison recipe – Dasein!

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