Easter Day–An empty tomb and brand new podcast in your ear. The latest addition to the Homebrewed family of podcasts has come to be. Unwrap your ear buds, push play, sit back and get ready to be Unfolded!

Unfolded: Stories that reveal…is a podcast that attempts to reveal great meaning without, necessarily, committing the error of defining it. You’ll find that this show–created by Matthew Barlow and Jesse Turri–is quite different from the other fantastic podcasts on the HBC network. Every other week, Unfolded will feature original written content from one of the crew members which will be supported by astonishing sound design.

You essentially just have to listen to understand.

This week’s premier episode features a short story that takes place in a supermarket located in a small rural town, where eating chitlins and possum is the norm. Some mighty weird things start to happen in this market and there is a LOT of wine involved.

This episode was written and narrated by Jesse Turri. Inspired by John chapter 2, verses 1-11.

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