I am blogging my way through Neighbors and Wisemen for Lent. 

I love Tony’s analogy of ‘sharing the gospel’ like one shares a sunset – instead of like on shares a piece of cake.  No one owns the sunset and to share that experience with someone requires a humility and a presence that is beautiful. Neighbors & Wisemen

If I told you about the sunset, I would not have entirely ‘shared’ it with you. You have to be there to experience all the colors, the temperature, the smells, and the relational moment.

Me telling you about the gospel is the same way. I can tell you about it – but so much would be missing! Sharing the gospel is standing in the same experiential moment with someone.

We need to understand that when we have told someone about the gospel – we have not necessarily shared it with them.


wordplay : broken 

I attended a christian college in the mid 90’s and it didn’t take long for me to get tired of the word “broken”. God was apparently into breaking people – mostly during praise songs in worship services. Everyone was so broken.

It brought out my cynical side.

The problem stemmed around this idea of jars of clay/broken vessels. But is was complicated by the emotional fracturing and immaturity that was found in late-teen / early 20’s children of the divorce culture who were more familiar with pop-psychology than with christian theology. We were a mess. 

I started floating an idea with my peers and those in leadership that there was another kind of broken: a horse is broken.

This was a powerful shift for me – and some others.

God did not want to shatter us like a clay jar and then put us back together – which was the imagery employed. God wanted to break us like a horse needs broken in – in order to harness it and partner with it.

Sometime you just have to change the wordplay, and I appreciate that Tony has done this with ‘sharing’.


Thinking in systems.

I was very depressed to read about Tony’s dismissal from the college ministry. I just wanted to yell “you don’t need them. Just keep going to Reed!”

But those who are a part of systems tend to think in systems. I do.

I ran this through my brain all day and in the end, I think Tony staying just would have caused more trouble … unfortunately that is the current system and how systems work.

I would love to get your reflections on the chapter.