I am on a study break with 24 hours to go before my research design proposal is due at UCLA.  I thought it would be fun to post this list of words and phrases that Esquire magazine was trying to ban men from using a couple of years ago.

Reach out (unless you’re talking about actually reaching out… with your arm)

  • What? I say reach out all the time. It is part of diversity, pastoring, and interviewing. I might say this phrase more than any other on the list!  

Panties (“underwear” does the trick)

  • Yeah… I can see this one. I think that I use it once in while but probably need to stop. 


  • No! I totally disagree. I love this one – as in Uber-stank 

Mixed bag

  • Things are often a mixed bag. This is a great phrase! 


  • I don’t think I say this often, but if I do – I can see why it needs to stop. Stomach is better. 


  • I am an occasionally vegetarian and my wife is a 100% full on veggie. I said veggie a LOT! Disagree with this one. 

Vino (unless you’re an Italian. In Italy.)

  • No problem here. I don’t think I have ever said this in any context. 

Natch (as opposed to “naturally”)

  • Who even says this?  Ouch. 

Wingin’ it (“wing it” is fine)

  • I think that the nature of wingin’ it means you can’t be too precise with the grammar here. 


  • Ummmm – I don’t see the problem with this one. Sometime – it is a little nippy outside. Unless they mean …. oh…. ok. 

The first name of any female celebrity when you don’t follow it with her last name, “Miley,” for instance

  • I do this. But I can see why I may need to stop doing this. 


  • What is wrong with pee? Sometime you have to pee! 

Belly button (“navel” is just fine)

  • In this context, I can see why belly button my need to go away. I’m not 6 anymore. 


  • Oh yes – agree 100% . HATE this word. 


  • WHO even says that? What does it even mean? 

Going forward (pure corporate cant)

  • Disagree. I love going forward to begin an answer or to introduce the final paragraph. 

It is what it is (“The financial collapse–it is what it is.”)

  • Big Time Disagree. This is a tremendous way to acknowledge that the given-ess of a situation is insurmountable at the present time. 


  • Guilty. 

Folks (“had to lay off some of our folks”)

  • Double Guilty. 


  • Triple Guilty

Slacks (“pants” or “trousers”)

  • Slacks are a very specific type of pants. Not to be used generically but some pants are slacks. 

Gen (as in “gen-X,” “gen-Y,” “next-gen”)

  • Disagree. I love next-gen as helpful concept. 


  • Espresso is a thing! Sometime you order espresso. 


  • OK. I say this.  But I will stop.  I sure is fun to say though! 

Make love

  • Really? What is wrong with that? 

Yell-o (the phone greeting)

  • Ya. That’s way annoying. 


  • Somebody still says that? Ouch. Agree. 


  • Double Agree. 


  • Triple Agree. 

Do you use any of these?

What words or phrases would you add to the list?