It’s the 5th Birthday of the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast! The past 5 years have been packed full of great conversations, new ideas, and getting to connect with a ton of you, the HBC Deacons.  I am thrilled to still be rocking the podcast and bringing you some audiological ingredients for brewing your own tasty theology.

caputob0928a1a306d11e28a5622000a1fbe35_7This week we are joined for this birthday party by one of the 3 JC’s of the HBC.  We are working on Jesus Christ for episode 777 & had John Cobb for episode 101 so that leaves Jack Caputo for this milestone.

Caputo has given us an introduction to Radical Theology!  His first,  second, and third visit rocked the podcast. He shared the main-stage fun from Soularize and the 3D event with Philip Clayton, Jay Bakker, and Peter Rollins.  Even more exciting are these class lectures Caputo is sharing here at HBC.  These lectures are free theological cat nip for theology nerds.   With all this free stuff you should be wise and go pre-order his new book NOW!

This Stud Sponsored the Podcast!

 This episode is sponsored by Jason Micheli over at the Tamed Cynic.  Go check him out and thank him for keep the show running!

Don’t forget to come see Caputo, Bo and I at Subverting the Norm in April! I got 7 great reasons you should join us.
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