I can’t wait for THE most epic nerdy event of the year – Subverting the Norm!  This April 5 & 6 an amazing collection of thinkers and practitioners will be gathering at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri for a conversation every Homebrewed Christianity Deacon dreams about.  The speaker line up is packed full of Podcast favorites, at least 7 Deacons are presenting papers, Bo and I will both be there & one of the 3 JC’s will be in the house… Jack Caputo!  Plus in just two days you will know the answer to the conference’s centering question, Can Postmodern Theology Live in the Churches?

Since the early bird registration (89) ends February 28th I thought I would give you 7 reasons to go ahead and get your ticket NOW!

  1. Caputo
  2. I will be attempting to save Peter Rollins soul. The rumor I heard is that Pete, Barry, & Kester are going to attempt the same to me on behalf of Radical Theology.
  3. I will facilitate a round-table conversation where we finally figure out exactly what the “Death of God” means & how it impacts the church today.
  4. Barry Taylor (& other peeps at the conference) will be joining us for a live Theology of Rock podcast titled “God in Spandex, Midgets dancing around Stonehenge, and our foil wrapped cucumber cocks.”
  5. You can stay an extra day and hear me introduce Process Theology & preach at National Ave. Christian Church (DOC).
  6. Subverting the Norm & Phillips Theological Seminary sponsored the podcast so you get it for free. Share some love and come to the conference!

Most importantly…since this is the 7th reason... the Mad Farmer & Brewer extraordinaire Deacon Charlie Sheldon will be sending kegs of the John Cobb #FANiac Double IPA & the  Jack Caputo Deacon-structor French Ale to the event.  During the live Podcast on Friday night all the HBC Deacons will be able to decide with their taste buds which ‘JC’ they want to tap as they take their PoMo theology into the church.  Personally I think they should both go to church.

Beer_Labels-Caputo-phone_rev03Cobb Logo


The Elder of Graphical Sweetness Jesse Turri designed these most awesome labels for my favorite Home Brew recipes.