Purchase NOW!

One of the Three JC’s – Jack Caputo -is putting out a new book soon.  It is essential that every Homebrewed Christianity Deacon pre-order this book.  Why you might say?

Jack is a huge friend and contributor to the podcast….let us count the ways!

He has given us an introduction to Radical Theology!  His first,  second, and third visit rocked the podcast. He shared the main-stage fun from Soularize and the 3D event with Philip Clayton, Jay Bakker, and Peter Rollins.  Even more exciting are these class lectures Caputo is sharing here at HBC.  These lectures are free theological cat nip for theology nerds.

If that’s not enough reason to pre-order this book NOW for all your nerdy friends then go check out his presentation of the ideas HERE.

The way I see it Jack has given you 6 FREE podcasts & 6 FREE philosophy seminars.  To NOT pre-order his next book could make the other JC cry… not just the adult JC… little cute baby JC will cry.