I don’t know if I am  giving up anything for Lent this year. I am, however, adding something.

Tony Kriz has a fantastic new book that has 25 chapters full of stories and thoughts that I would love to dialogue with you about.

[Here is the link to the book]

Easter comes early this year – so Lent starts February 13.  

Whether you are planning to give up anything for Lent – or not – a great addition would be taking a journey with HomeBrewed through this book.

I will be blogging my way through the book starting February 13,  interacting with the ideas and stories in each chapter every weekday through Lent.

Tony’s HBC Interview will come out the week before we start.

The Kindle version of Neighbors and Wisemen is only $9.99  – there is also an MP3 and Audible version.

Hope you will join us on the Lenten Journey.