Shane Hipps on the podcast discussing his new book Selling Water by the River.   Selling ShaneShane and I met at the Big Tent Christianity event in Phoenix where we found out we shared an interest in emergent evolutionary styled thinking.  He was not only the tag-team partner of Rob Bell at Mars Hill but before making it to Grand Rapids he worked as a Mennonite minister and an advertizing guru for Porsche!

In the podcast we not only discuss his book and the way he sees Jesus’ message in contrast to the trappings of religion but we end up getting in to integral thought, spiral dynamics, and how this was used in leadership during his time at Mars Hill with Rob Bell.  Go follow Shane on twitter!

Those not familiar with integral thought can check out the Bruce Sanguin podcast from 2008 or the work of Steve McIntosh.  Hopefully Steve will be on the podcast soon to give you the 101 on integral.

Remember: Easter comes early this year so Lent starts on February 13. Bo will be blogging through the book Neighbors and Wisemen every weekday through the Lenten Journey.  Come and join the conversation!

This episode is sponsored by the Subverting the Norm Conference 2 in Springfield Missouri April 5th and 6th. Thanks to both Drury University and Phillips Theological Seminary for sponsoring the conference and making it the most affordable two-day event of the year.

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