Are you a religion scholar, graduate student, or a nerdy practitioner who spends time thinking about the emerging church movement and theology?  Do you want to put your voice along side others at the mega theo-nerd gathering that is the American Academy of Religion(AAR)? Then you should send in a proposal to the Open & Relational Theologies group session on the emerging church.

Even if you aren’t a regular at AAR, maybe one of those ‘Bible’ people from the SBL or a graduate student with a hunch to propose, I hope you go ahead and submit a proposal.  As part of the Open & Relational Theologies group steering committee I am hoping we get a bunch of great proposals from a diversity of voices and locations.

Here’s the intentionally vague and open description in the ‘call for papers’

The Emergent Church. Proposals may explore theological, social, institutional, cultural, ecclesial, or doctrinal issues or related matters. We prefer proposals that show a link or potential connection between Emergent Church issues and open, relational, and/or process thought.

To submit a proposal just go to the website and send us a summary of your paper\presentation idea.  Don’t go over a 1000 words… The proposals will be reviewed blindly & then the session selections will be notified.  The meeting will be held  November 23-26, 2013
inBaltimore.  If you have questions let me know.

I love being part of the Open & Relational Theologies group.  We have a spectrum of theological traditions…process-oriented, openness-oriented, Wesleyan, feminist, liberationist, Arminian, trinitarian, evangelical, etc… all thinking together about a God who is relational and love.