In this bonus trac I ask my mentor Randy Woodley why it seems like over the last 30 years it seems like we are going backwards in some important areas of equality and liberation. Randy Woodley 1

I have been saving this for Martin Luther King day because just before this question Randy and I were talking about my reading King’s Letter from a Birmingham jail  for the first time in Randy’s seminary class.

Randy’s book Shalom and the Community of Creation is available on Amazon and Kindle  and you can hear our entire conversation on the podcast. 

Randy Woodley is the Associate Professor of Faith and Culture and the Director of Intercultural and Indigenous Studies at George Fox Seminary in Portland Oregon.

He is also the author of Living In Color: Embracing God’s Passion for Ethnic Diversity.

Edith and Randy run Eagle’s Wings Ministries. Randy is also a part of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS).

Randy is also a member of  Evangelicals for Justice along with Lisa Sharon-Harper (who was recently on the podcast for an Inauguration Special).