Theology Nerds! It is time for a blog tour!

Clayton Crockett (been on the podcast) & Jeffrey Robbins have an ground breaking new book Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New Materialism. It’s gonna be a blast seeing how y’all engage this work of radical political theology.

Here’s the deal.  You sign up in the form below.  As many of you as we can get copies will.  In addition you will get a audio conversations with both authors and a summary of the thesis.  Then each of you will have a particular date for the tour on your blog.  If you participate you agree to post your review of the book on the assigned date with links to all the tour stops on the bottom of the post.  It shall be grand.

Here’s the authors’ getting at the question of the book…

The problem is fundamental: Western capitalism is based upon assumptions of indefinite if not infinite growth, but the natural resources of the planet are finite. We are running up against real, physical constraints to growth, and the capitalist machine is desperately searching for more resources to fuel ever-shorter periods of apparent productivity or profitability, like a junkie shooting up more often with higher concentrations to get that same height that is diminishing with each hit. […] We will briefly lay out three aspects of our current crisis: the ecological crisis, which is often view primarily in terms of global warming; the energy crisis, which involves peak oil and the limits of our ability to extract and exploit the cheap energy of fossil fuels; and finally the financial crisis, which involves the deleveraging and destruction of massive amounts of money and credit. Each of these problems is interrelated, because money is dependent upon energy, and energy is a product of natural physical resources that are finite and diminishing. Rather than give in to despair, or idealistic wishful thinking, we suggest that this crisis could provide an opening for a new kind of orientation to thinking and acting, a new way of being in and of the earth.


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