This week, Jordan Green and Christian Piatt mosey up to the bar for a chat with pyro-theologian Peter Rollins, author of “Insurrection” and the forthcoming “The Idolatry of God” (Jan, 2013). They talk about the Death Drive, why billionaires aren’t actually selfish and how we’ve made an idol out of the beliefs we often claim as central to our Christian faith.

We also talk about the proper way to make a Hendricks gin and tonic, whether IPAs are better in the states or across the pond, and what theological themes we can glean from the AMC zombie show, “The Walking Dead.”

Jordan and Christian also break down the mostest awesomest inventions of the year, Elmo, David Petraeus and internet privacy, and a handful of recommendations you simply have to check out if you claim to have an actual life that has any meaning.

Not really, but it’s pretty good stuff.

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