We recently post our 3rd exclusive John Caputo lecture in the past calendar year! {plus a video}  We love the challenge that Caputo brings to Christian theology – and now we want to hear from you. 

What is Caputo doing? 

That’s what we want to hear from you.  So here is the challenge:

Listen to the 3 lectures:

1. Radical Theology from the live 3-D

2. Perhaps from Soularize 

3. The newest one from AAR we released on Thanksgiving

Then come to the homepage and click on the speakpipe. Leave us message that we will use on our upcoming TNT.

Caputo provides one of the most alarming and confrontational voices {previous blog} in contemporary theology – but it is very subtle!  We want you to answer one of the following questions:

a) What is Caputo doing?  What is he after? What is he trying to get from us?

b) What is the most challenging / difficult  aspect of his ‘weak’ theology?

c) What is the most threatening / devastating aspect of his ‘weak’ theology?

Leave us a message so we can use it on the TNT that will be recorded that first week of December. You have 2 weeks to listen to 3 pods and put your thoughts together.

This week Tripp and I will record the Christology-Cast and then we will record “A Caputo Christmas: all I want from Santa is a weak theology!” before we try to straighten out Walter Brueggemann and Terrance Fretheim to close out the year.