Kester Brewin has a word for you about the upcoming LIVE podcast…. We see the Jolly Roger plastered on everything from baby-bottles to skateboards, dress our children up in pirate costumes, and love the stories of adventure and skullduggery on the high seas… yet read of increased piratic activity in Somalia and ferocious government crackdowns on media piracy. What is it with pirates?

 In this 3D podcast we’ll be exploring why pirates remain such fascinating cultural figures. We’ll see how pirates were not defined by their thievery – for everyone on every ship, Royal or pirate, was stealing from everyone – but by their resistance to a brutal power structure that stripped sailors of their humanity and denied them even the most basic of rights.
Piracy, in all its forms, turns out to be about resisting the enclosure of ‘the commons’ – of rising up when what should be held in common is enclosed into private ownership. Pirates emerge whenever there is blockage – economic and cultural, and we’ll see how pirate figures in literature and film rise up to help us unblock our personal struggles too.
But this work is all in preparation for the greatest battle of all, for the blocked institution par excellence is religion, and drawing on the prodigal son, Odysseus and Jesus’ ministry, we’ll look at how mutiny against enclosed orthodoxies is central to the radical core of Christianity.
Fighting alongside me, and drawing in his work on ‘Insurrection’ will be Peter Rollins, as well as Barry Taylor, who has lived the pirate life on the boundaries of orthodox practice in music, theology and cultural studies.
This promises to be an engrossing and engaging evening, running riot across genres, pulling down divides and opening up new areas of intersection between economics, theology, philosophy, cultural expression and personal development. Very much hope you can don your eye patch, gather your cutlass and join us.

Thursday Night – October 25th – 7pm – Monkish Brewing Company

Come on out for a live mutinous podcasting experiment. Join Captain Brewin, Peg-Legged Pete, & Barry the Skull Keeper for some philosophical swash-buckling & fresh brewed pints at the Monkish Brewing Co.

Kester Brewin is bringing the good news of pirate inspired mutiny to the USA. We shall be seeking the wisdom of Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus and other eye-patched heroines as we reflect on personal development, art, economics and faith. If hearing from Kester about his newest book Mutiny! wasn’t enough… he’s bring two fellow philosophical swashbucklers, Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor, who shall assist him in over-throwing the intellectual & cultural scurvy.

Get your Mutiny! tickets here. They are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Those in attendance are encouraged to come in Pirate gear. Should you NOT come with at least an eye patch you will be publicly shamed into purchasing Tripp an additional pint and yell ‘Arr’ with gusto.

For directions to Monkish Brewery go here. Look at pictures so you don’t get lost… it has happened before.