This epic showcase of Theology Nerd fireworks was recorded at Wild Goose East 2012. Bo was unavailable for the trip so Callid Keefe-Perry stepped up for the show… and what a show it was! 

Tripp and Callid introduce the Goose to HyperTheism!  For anyone willing to overlook some sketchy audio quality at parts – this is going to be a gold mine of goodness!

The songs at the beginning and the end of the show are spliced in from Wild Goose West with the band Ironic Indifference.  Both shows were recorded live and in open areas so there is a lot of background noise … but if you are up for it – you will NOT be sorry.

You can link up with Callid at The Image of Fish  and on his film site Made as Makers 

Make sure to get your tickets for Mutiny!  Its time for some philosophical Swashbuckling!!! 

It is nearing time for a live podcast of EPIC proportions! Kester Brewin, Peter Rollins, & Barry Taylor in a fleshly 3D in Los Angeles. You will get 3 hours of nerdy excitement. There will be live rock music, a Theology of Rock podcast, fresh craft beer, & the main event – MUTNIY!

Thursday Night – October 25th – 7pm – Monkish Brewing Company