Pastor, Small Business Owner, Author, Radio Host, and Congressional Candidate… Doug Pagitt agreed to talk some politics and faith with me.  We chatted this morning and I am posting it hours later.  Doug, the radio host, picked on all of us editing podcasters so this podcast has almost no editing.  It is straight up chatting between friends who like Jesus and BSing about politics. I hope you enjoy it.

After discussing the debate, election, and politics for a while we moved on to…

  • giving Christianity Today a hard time about slander facilitation
  • Tony Jones’ inability to embrace the Biblical vision of the Open & Relational God to whom we pray
  • how ministers should handle congregational heat about sexuality & theology
  • Doug’s next book that rejects Monotheism…for Unitheism

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Kester Brewin is bringing the good news of pirate inspired mutiny to the USA. We shall be seeking the wisdom of Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus and other eye-patched heroines as we reflect on personal development, art, economics and faith. If hearing from Kester about his newest book Mutiny! wasn’t enough… he’s bring two fellow philosophical swashbucklers, Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor, who shall assist him in over-throwing the intellectual & cultural scurvy.

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