Interviewing Rob Bell last week, I got to ask him about what he was reading. As a big fan of books myself, I am always interested in what interesting people are up to.

The reason that I thought to ask was because at night one of the taping for Rob’s new TV show (done with Carleton Cuse) there were two authors mentioned that piqued my interest.

Cathleen Falsani (who was recently on the Polictical TNT from Wild Goose East) mentioned Philip Yancey when talking about grace. Then a member of the band Moonsville Collective mentioned Henrey Nouwen and I thought “I wonder what Rob is reading these day?”

So I asked him this week. Here is his list:

Richard Rohr’s new book. Rob said he devours everything Rohr writes.

Alberto Salazar’s book about being dead for 14 minutes

The book where Gavin Menzies says that Minoans discovered the New World 4,000 years ago.

The Wave about waves and where rogue waves comes from

Rumi’s completed works

The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity by two psychoanalysts.

So there it is – admittedly without rhyme or reason.

I am so glad I asked.   -Bo Sanders