Homebrewed Christianity is very pumped to announce two live podcasts this October.  Both shows will be recorded live at the Monkish Brewing Company & are guaranteed to rock the theological block.

Theology of Rock (10/2)

The first Theology of Rock podcast was so awesome (you should listen) that the HBC Deacons have been asking for more Barry Taylor.  Request fulfilled!

Now the date is set… Tuesday October 2nd at 7pm.  There shall Rock + Roll + Religion + Tunes + Fresh Pints + Deep Thoughts = Theology of Rock pt. 2 “Monsters & Ballads.” If you love Rock & Roll, being nerdy, & sweet story telling then you shall enjoy this episode. Our guest Barry Taylor is not only a professor of Culture & Religion at Fuller Seminary, author of Entertainment Theology and an Episcopal Priest but more importantly this evening he was the sound engineer for Rock Legends AC/DC. You could say he has the inside track on the sacred and the profane.

 * Doors will open @6:45 * The 1st Fire Marshall approved 50 will get seats * Come thirsty * U can bring food *U-Call-It Cover Charge *

The Pod-Pintery!

Mutiny Live (10/25)

Come on out for a live mutinous podcasting experiment.  Join Captain Brewin, Peg-Legged Pete, & Barry the Skull Keeper for some philosophical swash-buckling & fresh brewed pints at the Monkish Brewing Co.

Kester Brewin is bringing the good news of pirate inspired mutiny to the USA.  We shall be seeking the wisdom of Blackbeard, Luke Skywalker, Peter Pan and Odysseus and other eye-patched heroines as we reflect on personal development, art, economics and faith.  If hearing from Kester about his newest book Mutiny! wasn’t enough… he’s bring two fellow philosophical swashbucklers, Peter Rollins & Barry Taylor, who shall assist him in over-throwing the intellectual & cultural scurvy.

Get your Mutinyt! tickets here.  They are $15 and there only 50 available so Go Over-Board NOW!

Those in attendance are encouraged to come in Pirate gear.  Should you NOT come with at least an eye patch you will be publicly shamed into purchasing Tripp an additional pint and yell ‘Arr’ with gusto.

For directions to Monkish Brewery go here.  Look at pictures so you don’t get lost… it has happened before.