Bo and I reunite the bromance in the Homebrewed Bat Cave after some summer vacationing.  There were some brews, delicious cigars, HBC Deacon Shout Outs, & two very giggly theology nerds.  We had plans to respond to a respond to a bunch of awesome Deacon sent questions…BUT the good Dr. Daniel Kirk got us distracted.

Kirk recently blogged about a past episode of TNT “Nerd Out: Leaving Church, Packing Heat, and Metaphysical Violence” and had some pretty serious questions.  In his post “Empire & Cross” where he asks:

So, my lingering question for the metaphysics of the non-violent, non-coercive God is this: what do we make of the other parts of the story that make Jesus, and Jesus’ God, look like those forces of coercive power we otherwise see Jesus repudiating?

  • Are those simply bad readings of the passages in question?
  • Or, do we exercise a revisionist hermeneutic in light of [parts of] the Gospels?

Bo and I attempted to respond.  We definitely had fun…so much fun I ended up telling a story about explosive bowels.  We hope you enjoy it!

NOW Kirk I have a challenge for you: A Homebrewed Brew-Off!!! Next semester when you come to SoCal for a Fuller visit we shall do a little Podcast Live and the visiting Deacons shall be bringing or voting on their favorite Homebrewed Beer.  Consider yourself challenged.
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