I can’t wait until the Wild Goose festival next week.  On top of all the excitement throughout the festival there will be two Homebrewed Christianity podcasts recorded LIVE with YOU in attendance and participating!

If you are at the festival let me know you are an HBC Deacon and I will hook you up with a free HBC sticker.  Wanna be more awesome? Get yourself the brand spakin’ new HBC t-shirt or a fly-flower.

THURSDAY @10pm * Coffee Barn:

The Irreverent Guide to Election Year Theologizing! Join Hauerwasian Mafia Member and Theological Ethicist Jeff Pugh, the one and only Postmodern Negro Anthony Smith, and journalist, SoJo rock star, and the ‘God Girl’ Cathleen Falsani as we  sharpen our theological chops for all those fun political conversations this election season. Fun, sarcastic, nerdy, and lubricated conversation.

Saturday @10pm * Coffee Barn:

Art Led Theology: Come join activist dancer Tevyn East, beat street poet Mark Scandrette and the pioneer of theopoetics Challid Keefe-Perry for a conversation on the potential of art for theology.  There shall be tunes, words, movements, brews, and all sorts of nerdy fun.