Bo and I were invited to the United Church of Christ Annual Gathering to rock the Theology Nerd Throwdown.  We were joined by Erin Wyma, Thea Mateu, Mary Sue Brookshire, and Dave Palmer. Best of all they secured us a space at the Alcatraz Brewing Company for the late night theology party. There were about 40 UCCers and local HBC Deacons in attendance and then an Orange County brewery that packed full of people who had this conversation show up on there Friday night out.   We must give a big shout out to Deacon Billy Steele for coming all the way from North Carolina to be there in the flesh!

In our conversation we discussed Obama’s kill list, women in ministry, the growth of progressive churches, gay and polygamous marriage, partisan divisions, and prophetic preaching among other topics.  You will notice that these UCCers go silent like MSNBC when I give President Obama a hard time but after that they were rather open.  A couple of the Deacons in attendance said afterwards “this is what liberal Christians sound like.”

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