Deacons I am thrilled to let you all in to a live HBC house-show & yard party with your favorite British PoMo theological and cultural super star Barry Taylor (check him on the podcast, with Peter Rollins on the Apostle Paul and at Theology After Google). The show is almost an hour and a half of interactive theology, inappropriate religious jokes, guitar strumming, Pop Culture commentary, & curse word Bingo (Barry will explain…I hear lay people at his church invented it).  If you can’t imagine course language and thick sarcasm being use for something fruitful then please don’t listen.  Pete Rollins may have his Pyro-theology but we got Profane Theology.  This was recorded September 30, 2011.

Come See Barry Taylor with us live July 5th


We discuss Scot McKnight’s King Jesus Gospel, Peter Rollins, Mark Driscoll’s Thug Jesus excitement, reality TV (and Christianity), Phyllis Tickle, Mel Gibson’s love of the Jewish people, the Passion of the Christ, Rob Bell, Love Wins, Rick Warren, Shane Hipps, techno-noise, AC/DC, the Star Wars religion, changing religious data, skulls, and trash art.

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 Dr. Barry Taylor is the Associate Rector at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, California. He also teaches theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he is the Artist-in-Residence for the Brehm Center, and he teaches advertising and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, topics that were part of his theological doctoral study program. He writes and plays music, usually with friends, occasionally for money – his songs have shown up in a few movies, and he has composed a couple of soundtracks for largely over-looked films. He has written a few books: A Matrix of Meaning with Craig Detweiler, A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, with Spencer Burke, as well as his latest, Entertainment Theology.