here’s a political round up of what’s been popping in my RSS feed! enjoy…

Joe Biden Goes “Off Message” And Shows Real Emotion And HumanityThis is the single best moment of the week!

Mitt Romney ‘Wifer’ Controversy  was kicked off by Bill Maher.  I laughed very hard and still can’t figure out how Romney gets away with hanging out with Birthers like Donald Trump.

Blacks, Gays And The Church Apparently the Black church is the most tolerant and homophic part of the African American community.  In the audio piece it is suggested that Obama’s support of gay marriage won’t effect turn out negatively as the Right hopes but that the negative personal attacks on Obama will.

‘Religious Freedom’ for Atheists  is needed, meaning equal respect for freedom of conscience.  Good Idea!

A choice of capitalisms OR why Obama is not actually a real Leftist. Ugh.

Government Subservience to Business Economist Richard Wolff says what I have been thinking… it is hard to trust a democracy when the one pulling the levers of legislation are no longer the people.

 Conservatives used to care about community. What happened?