Theology Nerds Get READY to Throw Down!  This week Bo and I have a blast nerding out with abandon. During the episode we enjoyed the Art of Darkness & some Rocky Patel cigars.

This episode is hockey style, coming in three periods.

1. The Crazy Gay-Hating Minister, Same-Sex Marriage, and Church\State battles.  This conversation kicked off with the rumble Rev. Charles L. Worley stirred up with his hate speech & Bo’s big question post ‘Is This Even Christianity?’ Check out the podcast I recorded with fellow UCC minister Erin on homosexuality and the church.

2. Generational Hating and Radical Orthodoxy frustrations. Deacon Andrew Tatum wrote an amazing blog post ‘Generational Blackmail or Tepid Pseudo Spirituality?‘ in response to a less-than awesome post (but generative question) by James K.A. Smith.  Since we recorded the question Barry Taylor joined in the conversation with style.  Oh and many thanks to Sarah for calling in.

3. Creation Out of Nothing, Moltmann & Process thought! In this section we discuss the Creatio ex Nihilio squabble Tony Jones started, my response, and the recent HBC podcast episode with 6 theologians debating Creation Out of Nothing.

The end of the show is brought to you by the letter ‘T.’

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