Here’s a little Easter egg for all the Homebrewed Christianity Deacons to pop open!  It’s a little 3-d experience…a bootlegged version of the Homebrewed Christianity 3-D event at Soularize.  Since we couldn’t get access to the sound board we couldn’t get a better recording but thanks be to Bo who has edited the event down an hour and EQ-ed the speakers so you can make out what they are saying. If you want more 3-D excitement just get ready for Jack Caputo’s ‘what is radical theology?’ 3-D experience & Philip Clayton’s ‘Predicament of Belief’ show.  Both of those WE ran the sound system and they sound like gold!  IN ORDER TO GET THEM you need to subscribe to the Theology Nerd Throwdown podcast feed (iTunes link in the Logo below) which will be separate from the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast feed in two weeks.

This podcast begins with Jack Caputo & Philip Clayton wrestling with religion and Christainity.  Then Peter Rollins starts to insurrect things and Jay Bakker helps us get our preaching legs underneath us. The podcast ends with the music we used to begin the live event…Jesus and my favorite song writer….BILL MALLONEE.

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Join Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Bernice Powell Jackson, Myself, & others as we explore the connection of ecology, incarnation and the interconnectedness of all. April 19-20 in St. Petersburg, Florida for the A Sustainable Faith Conference. Join me the day before for a cigar, brew, convo. on Hell, & a discount for the event. Sunday I will be preaching at the Missio Dei.