Scholar of American religion and culture, Diana Butler Bass, is back on the podcast to talk about her newest and freshest Christianity After Religion: the End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. This podcast is flat out awesome.  I had way too much fun talking with Diana about the book and a stack of your questions.  If you were wondering how to make sense of Christianity in the midst of today’s culture of flux then this is interview and book for you.  We discuss the rise of the ‘nones,’ the ‘spiritual but not religious,’ Putnam & Campbell’s book American Grace, the nature of belief, and how to take a confirmation class postmodern.  Enjoy it!

Diana has an online home, blogs at Patheos, the Huffington Post and is a regular tweeter.

A bunch of different bloggers in my RSS reader are digging DBB’s book…you will too!

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