I was driving home from the Philip Clayton Theo-Nerd Book Party last night and I had my I-pod set to shuffle. It was one of those rare runs where all my favorites came up back-to-back-to-back.  I had two thoughts:

  1. There is nothing better than  ‘shuffle songs’ while driving
  2. I could use any of these in a sermon – there is theology in all of them

So I got thinking about the top 5 albums that I love to do theology to/with?  Here is my list, I would love to hear yours

5. Alison Krauss  & Union Station: live

4. Five For Fighting: America Town 

3. Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More  

2. Blues Traveler: Four

1. OAR: In Between Now & Then  

You can see from my list that A) I like music with guitar & drums B) musicians who don’t dance while they sing C) rich lyrical tapestries

Honorable Mention goes to MeWithOutYou: Brother Sister