Thursday night we shall gather at Philip Clayton’s house for a theological nerd style party.  We will be celebrating his newest book The Predicament of Belief.  If you live in SoCal you should plan to come on out.  If you have the internet you should plan to stream this party with your local theology nerd friends…the official invitation is HERE so go RSVP or we may not have enough Brew for the evening!

In preparation for the party I got some fun linkage for you…

Here’s Philip’s friend, co-author, and President of George Washington University giving an introduction to the book and the intellectual quest these two friends took together over the past 25 years.  Watch it & share it!

Go listen to Philip give his account of the Resurrection, Trinity, and Eschatology on the podcast!

Check out Bo Eberle’s first post on the book were he discusses the size of mustaches and states provocatively that

The invaluable nature of this book, for me, is the the redemption of the engagement of science and faith, that does not necessarily forfeit realism claims about the universe, or “ultimate reality,” rather than engaging in religious discourse exclusively on the level of theo-poetics (which I am still entirely for!) which tends to focus on the interpretation of subjective experience…I hope this book can open up space for deconstructionists to do a bit of old-fashioned metaphysics, perhaps it can ask new questions of those who accept purely naturalistic/reductionistic scientific world-views, and it can challenge those who may be a bit too self-assured in their dogmatic faith claims.

There was a good summary and lack-luster critique here.  Robert Cornwall reviews the book but wants more Easter bells. Scott Jones doesn’t know why you need a rational account of the faith. Ryne Beddard is less optimistic that Philip about Christian Minimalism working in faith communities but intrigued by Philip’s move from a ‘Mind-Like Ultimate Reality’ to the God of Abraham.