What one change could you make that would change your life forever? What would it look like to take a vow with friends and make it an experiment this lent?

During those 40 days leading up to Easter our deepest need for change won’t be addressed by eating fish on Fridays instead of cow flesh or giving up chocolate until Easter. Perhaps what we need is something like the watchfulness Jesus encouraged — or what Gandhi called Experiments in Truth: practices that respect the bodily nature of human spirituality and transformation. (Check out his freshest book for more details)

In this special episode you will hear Mark Scandrette lay down the challenge.  It was recorded live at my home in preparation for some Lenten experiments with some friends and my high schoolers in confirmation.  Just among my friends there are some taking a fast from all critical speaking (including self-directed criticism), meat & alcohol (I’m one of these), gossiping (I would have linked to them but…), and all media (which means they will be behind in the podcast episodes come Easter).  Just this past week’s time of sharing was pretty powerful example of how much one can learn and change in the right type of community.  Any way, I’m sure you can imagine when you hear the conversation.

Be sure to check out some VIDEO from Mark’s visit here. For more audiological Scandrette check out his first and second visit to the podcast.  Then there is the Homebrewed 3D event with Philip Clayton and Daniel Kirk we recorded in Mark’s house.

Here’s the PODCAST!