Peter Enns, author of the new book Evolution of Adam, and professor of biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania sits down with Tripp for an action packed conversation about Adam’s lack of a belly button! Ok, may be not BUT they do discuss how Israel, Paul, the early church, and Christians today relate to that powerful story of the first human.  Insights from science, the results of historical research, and hermeneutical questions abound throughout the conversation.  More importantly for many of our listeners will be Peter’s sensitivity to our more conservative Christians fears surrounding this issue and some of his sage like advice in moving forward.  This conversation is blastand we hope you enjoy it, share it, and send us a shout out by clicking that button on the right side of the post.

This book isn’t the first time Peter has been in evangelical hot water and probably not the last.  Peter is not scared of controversy but from what I can tell it comes right out of his evangelical commitment to scripture.  On his blog Rethinking Biblical Christianity he just replied to Kevin De Young’s 10 reasons to believe in a historical Adam with precision and a generous account of what has a rather harsh, unkind, and (for me at least) nonsensical defense of an incredulous assertion.   James McGrath’s response was also pretty awesome.

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