God we want to know you, at least we say so
we may even fool ourselves into thinking so
but honestly
life is simpler if you are kept safely at a distance
in a box of our conceptual construction.

Forgive us for hiding our doubts
accepting easy and trite answers
and letting others give us knowledge of you
as if you were an object to hold and not an illusive subject –
as if you were a mountain and not a fire.

If you will, like your three disciples on the mountain,
transfigure our vision of you – terrify us with newness
rupture the stories we tell ourselves that keep us from loving our world as it is
free us from the bondage of finality,
finality in our understanding, our forgiving, our justice, our living

If you will, take us up the mountain
transfigure our entire reality
and give us the courage to follow Christ
down the mountain
and into the world transfigured by the God we know not yet
but discover along the way

Here’s my prayer for this Transfiguration Sunday.  The lectionary text is Mark 9:2-9.