Some would call it luck and others providence but the other day I saw a guy at the local coffee shop wearing a shirt that said “nerds are sexy” and I said to myself, “who wants to stay up all night talking computer code?”  All nerds aren’t sexy but theology nerds are!  Just then I received an email from the good people at ooShirts asking me if I would like to review some sample custom t shirts. They said I could design them on their site with ease and receive them at my door in less than a week. I agreed to review their product here and in less than a week I had a couple ‘Theology Nerds Are Sexy” T shirts to share with a few Deacons.

The ooShirt website is easy to use and you can either design your shirt their or upload your design.  The only complaint I could have is that during the design process you don’t see how what you are doing design wise is impacting the actual cost per shirt.  Other than that the experience was great.  The shirts were high quality Tees and the graphics are much more legit than the glorified iron on graphics at Cafe Press. If you are on the look out for a cool gift, a way to promote your blog\podcast, or sweet youth retreat T shirt supplier check out the good people at ooShirts for your custom shirt needs.