Are you ready for the greatest three days of 2012? You know Jan 31-Feb 2 in sunny SoCal where the Emergent Village Theological Conversation will take place! Part of getting ready for three days of Process & Emergent theological fun will be signing up & then getting the preparatory reading under your belt.  Here are the books that will be used to frame our theological fun.  Get’em, read’em, mark’em, and come ready to discuss them with the authors and your theological comrades!

* John Cobb’s Spiritual Bankruptcy: A Prophetic Call to Action & The Process Perspective II 

* Philip Clayton’s The Predicament of Belief: Science, Philosophy and Faith

* Monica A. Coleman’s Making a Way Out of No Way: A Womanist Theology

* Bruce Epperly’s Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed