I was in staff meeting this week and we were planning the Christmas week services. We got to the Christmas Eve service and the outline was for a “Lessons and Carols” format with 7 ‘lessons’ from Scripture and 7 carols in between each one.

It turns out that the service had gone a lit long last year and we needed to cut one of the lessons. Someone suggested one of the two passages from Isaiah. Someone else suggested the John 1 passage.  I chimed in (facetiously – but with a straight face) that we should chop the 4th reading from Luke 2:1-7.

They all looked down at the program to find which reading it was.  The title next to the passage was “Against a backdrop of emperors and taxes, Jesus is born.

My fellow planners looked up with a little confusion as to my suggestion – I pointed out (dryly) that it was just “a little too Occupy Wall Street” for my taste.

Slowly smiles emerged from the corners of lips and soon it was full-on belly laughter.

It was a funny little moment in a pretty serious meeting … but I have to admit… now I am really thinking about going all John Dominic Crossan (ala “First Christmas”) for real.

I’m on my way to listen to that Advent podcast again to see if there is anything I could salvage for a children’s service.

I’m looking for help! Anyone got anything to point me to if I was going to try and illustrate an Occupy Bethlehem kids lesson about Jesus’ birth context?

This should be fun!