We sat down with director (and music legend) Steve Taylor for a roundtable about his newest project Blue Like Jazz the movie.  Joining us is one of the script’s writers Jordan Green of the Burnside Writers, the Whiskey Preacher, Rev. Amy Piatt, & her preacher’s spouse Christian.  The conversation took place at Soularize just following a screening of the movie.  As you will hear, this collection of podcasters were surprised by the movie!  We hope this gets you excited about the movie and prepped to sound like the behind the scenes nerd when this legend of a book hits the big screen.  Check out the movie preview here.

FYI…Tripp was giggling with glee that Steve Taylor was in the room.  I am pretty sure he just stared at him for an hour and a half, hoping he could start singing Meltdown At Madame Tussade’s.