As you may know, we are working on something big: an Emergent Conversation with Process Theology about “the Living and Life Giving God”.

We have lots of friends – including Rachel Held Evans and Kurt Willelms (Pangea Blog) – that are going to help us talk to normal everyday people about Process thought and why it would benefit them to at least engage with and maybe even convert to this open & relational school of thought. Doug Pagitt recently posted on it and the comments that followed were really interesting.

So here is where I need some help:

  • What ideas and concepts do we need to make sure to cover (that y’all have found most helpful)?
  • What difficulties doe we need to address?
Recently, Bruce Epperly  [with his new book] put out a fantastic post on Bob Cornwall’s blog. I might borrow some of that…
God is intimately connected with the world – God provides a vision of possibilities for every moment of experience.
I’m thinking about starting it this way:

Forget what you know. The universe does not work the way were were told it did.

  1. We do not live in a three tiered universe with God above the clouds and Hell below the earth.
  2. The binary options like God as transcendent or immanent doesn’t really work for anyone.

To move into the house of Process is not like adding a room onto your already existing home. Think of Extreme Home Makeover, the family has to move out for the renovation. The old home is rotten. It’s why your on the show. You don’t get to live in the house anymore – and especially not while the construction is going on.


So – what questions, concerns, issues, or ideas do you have?