Hitchhiker’s Guide Audio Review(click & listen)

Are you interested in the historical Jesus?  Its relation to faith?  Have you had a crisis of belief from encountering biblical criticism? Have you wished you hung out with N.T. Wright, James Dunn, Scot McKnight, & John Meir to talk theology?  Have you thought it would be cool to travel the Holy Land and hear real scholarly accounts of the sites?
If so, thenThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus  is the book for you.  It is the story of an individual wrestling with his faith in the midst of critical inquiry about the historical Jesus.  It is the story of the Holy Land, its sacred and profane locales and its political landscape both in Jesus’ time and now.  It is also the story of the Third Quest of the Historical Jesus with all its major characters.  I found the book fun to read, insightful, and perfect for sharing with friends.

This morning in the Theology Nerd Throwdown live show and podcast I gave my review of the book and extrapolated theologically the extremely productive insight methodologically presented in the book. To here my review click HERE to stream (right click and save as to download the MP3).

You ca check out the blog tour packed full of new Testament scholars HERE. Others are blogging about the book too! Divinity United, Ben Witherington, & James McGrath.