I loved talking to Merold Westphal and I’m pretty sure all the HBC Deacons and theology nerds across the inter-webs are gonna dig this two part conversation.  Westphal is a long time philosophy prof from Fordham University and has now reached the status of emeritus. Merold is a top notch philosopher and committed evangelical who thinks deep and wrestles faithfully.  He publishes regularly and also has an awesome book for a general audience.  This conversation was awesome and long enough we needed to break it up in two parts so be on the look out for part two soon.  HERE’S PART TWO OF THE CONVERSATION

Thanks to Tad & Stephen for setting up the interview. Ohh that sweet pic was taken while I was interviewing Merold.

In the episode we discuss…

– Heidegger & The Onto-theological Critique

– Evangelicalism

– Growing up a dispensationalist and ending up a Christian philosopher

– Hegel, the social constitution of the self, & the located nature of ‘reason’

-Necessary Conditions for Christian Theism…God is personal & speaks

– Pseudo Dionysius, Augustine, Aquinas, Feuerbach & negative theology

– Revelation, the Word of God, and Human Receptivity

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