I am really into podcasting. I really love when Homebrewed Christianity Deacons start podcasting. There is nothing like pod-pressing (it’s like peer pressure but different) people into contributing their voice online. Chad and I started podcasting in March 2008.  Since then we have managed to get over 12,000 subscribers and have way too much fun being theology nerds.  Since then a number of Deacons have started podcasting.  That is #awesome

I figured I would share the Deacons that I know are podcasting.  If there are more let me know so I can add ya.  Podcasting isn’t hard, is pretty cheap, and if you like talking it is very fun. SO count this as your pod-pressue to start a podcast.

PS. If you are NOT a straight white male I would doubly encourage you to start a podcast.

Deacon Podcast Directory

* Becoming: Who We Are (Ohh and I was guest! I did a little intro to Process Theology)

* Something Beautiful Podcast (Both Chad & I have been a guest)

* The Christian Humanists

* Whiskey Preacher Podcast

* Dating God Podcast (one cool Franciscan. Ep 4 is amazing!)

* Losing My Religion

* Theology Hub Podcast (ok Daniel and Mark only got ONE episode but let’s say this is additional pod-pressure for more)

If you are a Deacon interested in podcasting and have some questions or would like some advice let me know.  I would love to help you get your voice out.