Early October there is going to be some sweet blogging about the historical Jesus and a really awesome new book by Bruce Fisk.  In preparation of the blog tour packed full of theology nerds and biblio-bloggers the good people at Baker Academic Press are giving away a HUGE collection of historical Jesus books.  Check out the give-away and get ready for some historical Jesus fun soon!

By the way, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus is a really great book.  Perfect for those who are interested in the quest for the historical Jesus, its relation to faith, or experiencing the rare occasion a scholar is brilliant and NOT boring.  I’ll blog about it later but for now feel free to order the goodness.

Here’s the blog tour hit list…

Michael Bird (PhD, University of Queensland)
Blogs at: Euangelion
Dave Brumley
Blogs at: This Pilgrim Land
John Byron (PhD, University of Durham)
Blogs at: The Biblical World
Tripp Fuller
Blogs at: Homebrewed Christianity
Timothy Gombis (PhD, University of St. Andrews)
Blogs at: Faith Improvised
Nancy Janisch
Blogs at: Conversation in Faith
Mark Goodacre (DPhil, University of Oxford)
Blogs at: NT Blog
Matthew Montonini
Blogs at: New Testament Perspectives
Michael Gorman (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary)
Blogs at: Cross Talk – crux probat omnia
Jon Synder
Blogs at: Bookleenex
Nijay Gupta (PhD, University of Durham)
Blogs at: nijaygupta.wordpress.com
Amy Sondova
Blogs at: Backseat Writer
James McGrath (PhD, University of Durham)
Blogs at: Exploring Our Matrix
Jacob Sweeney
Blogs at: Jacob Sweeney’s Blog
Joshua Walker
Blogs at: Bring the Books