Theology Nerd Throwdown!

This is part 3/3  for Tripp and Bo sitting down to chat about the terms Evangelical, Progressive, Emergent and Liberal.

A number of authors come up. Here is a handy list of the books that get mentioned and any relevant Homebrewed podcast they appeared in.

Stanley Hauerwas who wrote The Peaceable Kingdom and Resident Aliens.

Marjorie Suchocki (episode 39 ) authored The Fall to Violence and In God’s Presence.

Peter Rollins appeared in episode 91 and wrote How (not) to Speak of God.

Brian McLaren (episode 93 )  has both Everything Must Change and a New Kind of Christianity.

John Dominic Crossan (episode 34) has written many book including God and Empire.

Stanley Grenz authored a list of amazing books including a Primer to Post-Modernism and Beyond Foundationalism.  My favorites is probaby  Theology for the Community of God and