Are you an Evernote using minister, preacher, speaker, thinker, scholar, blogger, or well any variety of theology nerd? If so I want you to be a part of a snycroblog where we share our Evernote tips! Holla at me!

Evernote is the single most helpful aid to keeping all the plates I spin organized and every little idea I have stored somewhere in a digital brain. If you have never heard of Evernote check out the video below and get ready to be amazed. I have used Evernote for a while but it wasn’t until I started checking out Michael Hyatt’s huge collection of blogs about how he used Evernote to go completely paperless that I started becoming more creative with its power. I am planning on sharing a couple practices I developed and would love all the HBC Deacons who Evernote their life to join in.


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