Homebrewed Christianity has had a bunch of Process theologians on the podcast and after many requests we have a podcast for the process perplexed.  Bruce Epperly is back on the podcast promoting his excellent new book Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed and since the book itself is an uber-readable intro it made sense to attempt the same in the podcast.

Here’s some fun…Epperly and I chatting on video, my Process Bibliography video style, and Epperly’s patheos blogging.

Previous Process-Flavored Podcasts… Bruce Epperly’s previous visit, Marjorie Suchocki, John Cobb (1 on incarnation, 2 all sorts of goodness), Robert Mesle on Evil (1, 2), Mesle’s intro to Process Philosophy, Tom Oord (the Gospel, Love-cast), Andrew Sung Park on Atonement, Joseph Bracken (on Process Christology, Trinitarian Theology), Ron Farmer on Hermenutics, and Philip Clayton (Beta Faith, Pannenberg and Process).

Here’s the Seven-Word Sermon mentioned in the intro & Deacon Stegall’s post inspired by his call!!…..Ohh and THE event of the year w\ HBC 3D!!! Deacon registration will be up next episode!!!!

There’s some Mumford & Sons in the intro….what a hipster selection Bo?!