Theologian, Blogger, Tweeter, and Hauerwasian Mafia hit-man David Fitch is on the podcast.  His coming is due to Deacon Gus’ request and here it is for your listening and brain stimulating pleasure.  If you are asking yourself “what would happen if Zizek was American Evangelicalism therapist?” then do we have the podcast for you.  If you weren’t asking that question you are still in for a treat as we discuss Fitch’s newest book The End of Evangelicalism?

It was a real pleasure to meet David at the Inhabit conference a few weeks back and a greater pleasure to share this conversation with you. Hope you enjoy it and are encouraged to suggest more potential guests to us.  678-590-BREW

Here’s Fitch Blowing Up the interwebs…. Arni posting Fitch lectures, Englewood Review, the Burner Blog, the Ooze, Michael Danner, David Phillips, Stina Busman, Emily McGowi, I Want a Third Pill, Deacon Fackenthal, the Hillhurst Review, & (my long time blog crush) the Parish.