If I had to pick one person who had the such impressive intuition, imagination, and practiced integrity that you should take their advice and premonitions about the future of spiritual formation and discipleship in the church it would be Mark Scandrette.  In this podcast you will hear Mark discuss his newest book Practicing the Way of Jesus: Life Together in the Kingdom of Love, the Jesus Dojo he runs in San Fransisco, and his theological ruminations developed out of his dojo-ing.  If you are interested in theology that comes from people committed to actually practicing Jesus’ love revolution then this is the podcast for you.  If you aren’t interested in that then listen to Mark and you will be.


The Dr. Seuss Cover of the New Book!


– The HBC book review

– ‘Abduction‘ \ Philip Clayton’s book w/ the Abduction argument!

– Scandrette’s previous book & previous podcast

– Mark and I recorded this in Dwight Friesen’s Office…he is sweet!