After peer pressure from facebook the Homebrewed Christianity podcast is moving to a ‘page.’  Now I know you truly love all the facebook messages you get from all the pages you are connected too….I know I do! (sarcasm) SO here’s the HBC deal.  We are gonna use this page for three things…..

1) giving away free books

2) getting input from you on guests, questions to ask, and such

3) Sharing sweet blog posts from the Deacons (you can post one, we may post one, and we shall tweet’em if we digg’em)

To kick it off I have 10 free books for the HBC Deacons.  They are from a number of our recent and upcoming guests and ready for me to mail them to you with a HBC sticker inside.  We are gonna give all ye Deacons two weeks to ‘like’ the page and then ‘share’ the page with your friends of the facebook variety.  At the end we randomly select 10 people and mail them the book.

Sound Good?  Go HERE to ‘Like’ and then ‘Share’ it.

Ohhh and if you call in to the HBC hotline and tell us what the biggest issue, challenge, conflict, or transformation that is on the horizon of American Religion is then we will guarantee you get a book! 678-590-BREW

Brew On Deacons!