Tired of the normal theology conversation?  Does one more systematic account of everything sound….boring….overdone….and UGH?  Then maybe you need a little more game in your theology or perhaps a little more story rockin or even better A NEW LANGUAGE!  Ok so learning anew language sounds painful but regardless this week we are gonna do a little theology remixing.

We are joined by Adam English, professor of theology and philosophy at Campbell University, to discuss his new book Theology Remixed! The conversation was a bunch of fun and we discuss topics that don’t usually make it on the podcast from radical orthodoxy to Kobe Bryant.  At one point Adam even calls me a Barthian (for which I promise I have done my penitence). Be sure to check out Adam’s book if for no other reason than to have the best book blurb I have written on your bookshelf.

In the intro we hear from Deacon Blundell and we would love to hear from you… 678-590-BREW!